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"Hurry babe! We’re going to be late for your surprise!"


            Niall was scurrying eagerly about our apartment, collecting things he would need for our special day.  I was in the kitchen, trying to eat the pancakes he made me this morning as fast as I could.  I smiled at his eager figure, his face lit up with excitement.  All morning he had been giggling, he had kept this surprise a secret for a while and he couldn’t contain it much longer.

            Today was our one year anniversary.  I couldn’t believe we had been together this long, the year had gone by so fast.  This year was filled with so much happiness and Niall and I both knew we would be together forever.  We had even discussed marriage, and I figured that a proposal would be Niall’s surprise, which I would of course accept.

            I finished eating and we took the elevator downstairs.  The whole way down, Niall  couldn’t stop glancing over at me, his blue eyes smiling and he wiggled with enthusiasm.  I couldn’t help but laugh, his childlike manner was one of the things I loved most about him and it really shown through when he had a secret.


            When we stepped outside, I was happy to see that there was nobody waiting with cameras outside.  Ever since I had started dating Niall, there were always cameras everywhere, and even after a year I hadn’t gotten used to it. 

            Niall grabbed my hand, and we stopped on the sidewalk.  I turned to face him, wondering why we were stopping.  My face must have said it all because he grinned and pulled something from behind his back.  It was a small crown that he had obviously made himself.  It was made out of pink paper, decorated with stickers and fake jewels, but it looked beautiful nonetheless. 

            "This is for my princess," Niall said, holding it out to me.

            "Niall, I love it," I said, and curtsied jokingly, which he giggled at.


            I reached out to take it, but he placed it on my head himself.  His expression beeming, “I love you so much.”


            Shortly, a long black car pulled up and Niall opened the door for me.  I climbed in and scooted over, Niall following close behind me.

            He grabbed my hand and leaned in close, “I’m so excited for you to see what I have planned, you are absolutely going to love it.”

            "I can’t wait, babe." I smiled back, my curiosity mounting and my heart sped up at our proximity.

            He leaned in closer and kissed me softly.

            Suddenly, Niall’s phone started ringing in his pocket.  He pulled away from the kiss and looked at me apologetically.  I nodded at him, “Take it,” I said.

            He looked at me once again to make sure, but then he answered.


            "Hello?" he said into the phone, "Oh, hey Harry.  Yeah, we’re just leaving now.  Ok thanks, mate.” He laughed into the phone and hung up.

            "What was that about?" I asked casually.

            "It was about something I can’t tell you about," he said, wiggling his eyebrows mischievously.

            "Let’s go!" he cried to the driver in an accent, while turning to wink at me.

            I laughed and he put his arm around me.  We didn’t talk much the rest of the ride, him too excited and me too curious. 

            When we stopped, we pulled up to the airport.

            "Niall?" I asked, turning eagerly to face him, "Where are we going?"

            "You’ll see," he replied, biting his lip to keep the big secret from spilling.

            He walked around the back of the car and pulled out a suitcase.  I was surprised I didn’t notice him packing it before, but I decided not to question it.  My mind was too curious as to where Niall was taking me.

            We walked through the airport, occasionally stopping to take pictures, which I didn’t mind.  Finally, we reached our terminal and boarded our plane.

            When we got on the airplane, we were led to our seats at the very front of the plane.  They were very private seats and I was glad I would be spending the flight alone with Niall, no distractions.

            The plane soon took off and Niall and I were having the best time, just enjoying each other’s company.  I had always been scared of flights, and Niall didn’t let go of my hand the entire take-off. 


            When we were up in the air, Niall turned to me, “I have another surprise,” he said.

            "What is it?" I asked, trying to sound casual but my voice squeaked excitedly.

            Suddenly, the plane shook violently, causing my grip to tighten on Niall’s hand.

            "What was that?" I asked.  Fear began to boil up in my stomach and I began to feel nauseous.

            "It was probably nothing," Niall replied, but I could tell he was nervous too.

            The captain’s voice rang over the intercom, “Sorry folks, it seems we’re running into a little bit of turbulence.  It shouldn’t last long though, so no need to worry.  The fasten seat belt sign as been turned on as a precaution.”

            Niall sighed and relaxed a little,  "See, babe, nothing to worry about."

            I had a funny feeling about this though, something didn’t feel right.  I couldn’t relax and my grip on Niall’s hand only tighten as the minutes ticked on and on.

            The bumps coming from the plane only got worse.  They were so bad that they almost threw me out of my seat a few times and when I looked over at Niall, he tried to comfort me but his face had grown pale and a thin layer of sweat formed on his face.

            "It’s okay, baby," Niall chanted in a whisper, "I’m here.  Nothing to worry about. I’m here.”

            I tried to believe his words, but I couldn’t.  I was trying my best to stay strong, I knew that breaking down here would only make things worse, but this task was getting harder and harder. Everyone in the cabin looked so scared and I heard several babies crying in the distance. 

            Everything seemed to move in slow motion. 

            The captains voice came over the intercom, “Attention, this is your captain speaking.  Everyone remain calm.  The turbulence we are experiencing doesn’t seem to be getting better and we have been told that everyone should put on their oxygen masks.  I am trying my best to get us landed safe, but at this point there is no guarantee.”

            The captain’s voice cracked on those last words, the words that gave me no comfort at all.

            I felt Niall moving next to me, breaking the rules and pulling an oxygen mask over my mouth, before moving on to his own.  Niall seemed overly calm, probably trying to be brave for me.  I admired his face, trying to capture every detail, hoping and praying that these weren’t my final moments with him.

            The biggest jolt so far erupted from the plane, and knocked me forward.  I hit my head on the seat in front of me and my hand reached up, feeling a bruise already forming.

            I turned to Niall, he was rubbing his head as well, wincing in pain as he touched a bruise.


  Suddenly, I couldn’t see straight, my breath coming in bursts and my thoughts were scattered like a puzzle I just couldn’t put together.

            I felt Niall’s hands on either side of my face.  He stared into my eyes, tears glistening in his own.  The plane jolted once more and suddenly we were slipping, falling to the ground at a terrible rate.

            "Niall!" I screamed, he wrapped his arms around me, bracing us for descent into our certain death.

            "I love you," he whispered, "I’ll love you forever, my princess."

            These final words comforted me and I held Niall closer, praying that I would never have to live life without him.  My wish was granted.

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